School ID: 1307

Henderson Intermediate

Intermediate School

70 Lincoln Road, Henderson, Waitakere, Auckland Region

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Has Religious Instruction?


Notes: Though they claim unequivocably not. DP is the contact for the pastor.

RI Class Time Unknown
RI Teaching time: Y - Thurs am
Opt-In or Opt-Out?


Notes: "This is unclear as admin could not tell me - PARENTS MAY NOT RECEIVE ANY NOTIFICATION AT ALL, and said that the DP and social worker 'refer children' to it."

(As of August 2020, schools are required to have signed consent from parents to include children into religious instruction classes.)

What years? All.
RI Organisation ICONZ - a pastor and his wife. He takes the boys to the hall. She takes the girls to the church next door.
Any other religious activities? Ostensibly none
Staff Youth Workers


Staff Chaplains