ngaire mccarthy christian coopting of karakia

What’s the problem with Karakia?

April 3, 2018 Dave 4

There is a degree of “religion by stealth” in our education system. Christians embed their preferred god in Maori cultural observances and when challenged, say that “Maori are Christians”. But Maori are hardly any more Christian than the rest of us. So why are Christian prayers acceptable when part of a karakia or a kapa haka lesson? Ngaire McCarthy gives her views.

secular education

Is Secular Education Religious Discrimination?

December 13, 2017 Dave 0

Attempts to remove religious instruction from secular primary schools often result in claims of discrimination against Christians. In this case, an email to SEN goes further and claims that secularism is a religion in itself and is also discriminatory.

Bible in Schools Lies Exposed

December 6, 2017 Dave 4

There are many claims made about Bible in Schools. Every time there’s a media report, I see the same tired old claims about choice, values and how it’s not hurting anyone. But is ANY of this true? Actually not so much.

maori party on religious instruction

Māori Party Policy on Religious Instruction in NZ Primary Schools

September 20, 2017 Dave 0

The Māori Party view on religious instruction is that community consultation is the way to go. Democratically deciding on issues of culture hasn’t worked out too well for Māori historically, so why on earth would they suggest that it’s ok when it comes to religious indoctrination of children?