Bombay School Listen to Teachers & Parents: Stop Bible Classes

February 7, 2019 Dave 2

Bombay School is one of the most recent to remove religious instruction classes from their classrooms. It is really encouraging to see how teachers stood up against the religious bias, lack of professional teaching and supported the principle of secular education, welcoming to all children.

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How Often Are Religious Instruction Classes Abusive?

September 17, 2018 Dave 2

Many people think that religious instruction classes are just nice old people from the church teaching kids how to be good people but that is fundamentally wrong. Bible classes exist specifically to promote Christian religious faith. How often does it go wrong?

reviews of the cec churches education commission

Churches Education Commission (Launchpad) Reviews

March 20, 2018 Dave 0

The Churches Education Commission (now known as Launchpad) seems to carry on accessing schools despite harsh criticism from parents about their methods and syllabus content. They do this by infiltrating school boards of trustees with sympathetic church-goers who ignore the rights of non-Christian children to promote their own religious faith.

Does Religious Instruction Create Atheists?

July 11, 2017 Dave 0

It’s been said that if you really want to turn someone away from religion, get them to study the Bible. Billy’s experience of religious instruction put him off religion and ultimately turned him to atheism and an appreciation for human values that don’t require religion.

Religious Instruction Complaints at Wellsford School

May 31, 2017 Dave 0

Wellsford School parents have been fighting a religious instruction class that a predominantly Christian school administration and board of trustees are trying to promote. Despite a large percentage of parents against the classes, they are forging ahead with the CEC syllabus and actively asking parents to support the lessons.

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Parents complaints addressed at South Auckland school

April 4, 2017 Dave 0

Parents who object to religious instruction need support from other parents to effect change. Without strength in numbers, pro-religious instruction staff and parents tend to think that they can do whatever they like and dismiss anyone against RI, no matter how clear-cut the argument is that children and families are being discriminated against.

ARISE CHURCH REVIEW – Josh Barley Interview

March 1, 2017 Dave 65

Josh Barley was raised in a devout Christian family. He eventually left the faith and became an atheist. He felt so strongly that how his former church targeted young people was wrong, that he created a blog about them to expose their agenda, methods, and goals. Read his story here…

Religious Instruction: You Kids Are Going To Hell!

December 14, 2016 Dave 0

The kind of moral “cherry picking” that religious instruction advocates ignore is exposed most painfully by the subversive introduction of “hell”. Of course, they are not meant to teach it themselves but zealous Christian teachers seem to ignore this sometimes and playground evangelism is also an inevitable issue resulting from the introduction of religion to the school.

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Point View School Removes Religious Instruction Classes

December 3, 2016 Dave 2

When his Daughter came home and told him that her Bible teacher had told her that she was “going to hell” because she didn’t believe in God, Paul Bennett took action. After several years of campaigning, the Point View School Board of Trustees has agreed to remove bible classes from the school. But is the fight really over or do we need changes to legislation that allows boards to bring favoured religious beliefs into our schools?

waking up christian turned atheist

An Interview with Jared Brandon – Once Christian, now turned Atheist

October 2, 2016 Dave 0

This is an interview with Jared Brandon, author of the website Waking Up – Once Christian, now turned Atheist. Jared was raised in a strongly Christian family but through his own research into religion, decided to turn away from religious beliefs and declare himself an Atheist to his family and friends.