Worried about religious instruction?

Does your child’s primary school run religious instruction classes?

Non-religious state primary schools all over the country run classes that promote Christian religious faith. They do not teach “about religion”.

Did you know…

  • State Primary Schools have been required to be secular (non-religious) since 1877.
  • Religious Instruction is not approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • Your school has to pretend to close to allow Religious Instruction classes.
  • Children are taught religious faith as if it were fact.
  • Children are not taught about other religions.
  • Your child misses out on up to 20 hours a year of curriculum teaching due to Religious Instruction.
  • Teachers already teach values as part of the official school curriculum.

“…a local church owns their local primary school.”
Stephanie Sewell (CEO) – Churches Education Commission

In 2001, the Ministry of Education Legal Team advised that religious instruction classes are discriminatory under the Human Rights Act 1993. Nothing has changed.

Why should all children in a state school have to stop learning because a minority of evangelical parents want to promote their own religious faith?

Do you think our state primary schools should be doing this?

Every week children are mistreated and bullied because of religious instruction. Every week they miss out on important curriculum teaching time because of it.

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worried about religious instruction