School ID: 2342

Brunswick School

Full Primary School

Campbell Road RD 1, Whanganui, Manawatu-Wanganui Region

Phone: 06 3421841 | Email: | Website:

Has Religious Instruction?


Notes: Has RI in alternate years. 2019 was last year, so while it could pop up any year, parents can expect there to be RI in 2021.

RI Class Time Unknown
Opt-In or Opt-Out?


Notes: The school pretends the programme is not religious instruction and therefore does NOT notify parents. If you ask the principal about it, however, it will immediately be described as religious instruction [based on parent experience].

(As of August 2020, schools are required to have signed consent from parents to include children into religious instruction classes.)



Notes: The syllabus is segregated with "Shine" for the girls, and "Strong" for the boys. It features conservative gender-stereotyped material with an emphasis on creation and other conservative themes.

Any other religious activities? N
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