School ID: 3381

Hororata School

Contributing School

2548 Bealey Road RD 2, Darfield, Canterbury Region

Phone: 03 3180803 | Email: | Website:

Has Religious Instruction?


Notes: About once per year in assembly

RI Class Time Unknown
RI Teaching time: In assembly around Easter and will also talk about Xmas then. Intermittently visits classrooms
Opt-In or Opt-Out?


Notes: "Out, but likely not notified"

(As of August 2020, schools are required to have signed consent from parents to include children into religious instruction classes.)

RI Organisation Local vicar who goes around the schools.
Any other religious activities? N
Staff Youth Workers


Staff Chaplains


Notes: Wandering Vicar has 'counselling role' that is irregular. Unclear as to whether this happens in school time. Vicar regularly uses school facilities due to earthquake damage.