School ID: 3980

Lumsden School

Contributing School

19 Maria Street, Lumsden, Southland Region

Phone: 03 2487474 | Email: | Website:

Has Religious Instruction?


Notes: Approved Religious instruction in Term 4 2020 as a result of a survey where only 15 families out of 65 families at the school voted yes to closing the school for religious instruction.

RI Class Time Unknown
Opt-In or Opt-Out?


Notes: Should require parents to sign authority to attend but not noted in survey results.

(As of August 2020, schools are required to have signed consent from parents to include children into religious instruction classes.)

RI Organisation LBK Presbyterian Church (Launchpad Syllabus)


Notes: The school was asking for donations towards religious instruction books on behalf of the church via the school newsletter!

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