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Parents complaints addressed at South Auckland school

April 4, 2017 Dave 0

Parents who object to religious instruction need support from other parents to effect change. Without strength in numbers, pro-religious instruction staff and parents tend to think that they can do whatever they like and dismiss anyone against RI, no matter how clear-cut the argument is that children and families are being discriminated against.

Full Independent Report Regarding RI Classes at Fenwick School

March 23, 2017 Dave 2

Cleave Hay’s full report on the issues surrounding religious instruction at Fenwick School has been released. There are some interesting comments that expand on the recommendations. However, I don’t think it goes far enough and doesn’t really address the real conflict of interest. Read more…

damien goodsir

BOT Chairman retains position despite conflict of interest

March 16, 2017 Dave 3

The review of Pastor Damien Goodsir’s role at Fenwick School has turned into a bit of a farce. He has stepped down from the unimportant roles of RI Teacher and Chaplain and claimed that this resolves any conflict of interest. Apparently there is no issue with him wanting to “infiltrate” the school to spread his religious faith and continuing as the Chairman of the School Board of Trustees.

Southland Times “Advertorial” for Bible in Schools

February 16, 2017 Dave 1

One of the greatest challenges to raising awareness about religious instruction is the way that the media allow “fluffy” reporting on the topic. In this blog, I review a couple of recent articles that fall far short of professional journalism. One completely misses the issue of religious instruction when talking about the importance of religious education and the other is effectively an advertorial for Bible in Schools written by a report with a personal bias.

Pastor “Infiltrates” School with Religious Instruction

December 20, 2016 Dave 4

Oamaru Pastor, Damien Goodsir is the Chairman of Fenwick School’s Board of Trustees. He’s also the school Chaplain. A recent sermon of his talks about “infiltrating” the school and other local groups. The locals aren’t happy about it and they are doing something about it.

Religious Instruction: You Kids Are Going To Hell!

December 14, 2016 Dave 0

The kind of moral “cherry picking” that religious instruction advocates ignore is exposed most painfully by the subversive introduction of “hell”. Of course, they are not meant to teach it themselves but zealous Christian teachers seem to ignore this sometimes and playground evangelism is also an inevitable issue resulting from the introduction of religion to the school.

remove RI classes from schools

Point View School Removes Religious Instruction Classes

December 3, 2016 Dave 2

When his Daughter came home and told him that her Bible teacher had told her that she was “going to hell” because she didn’t believe in God, Paul Bennett took action. After several years of campaigning, the Point View School Board of Trustees has agreed to remove bible classes from the school. But is the fight really over or do we need changes to legislation that allows boards to bring favoured religious beliefs into our schools?

christian fundraising in state schools

Are your state school kids raising money for Christian causes?

October 28, 2016 Dave 0

NZ school kids always seem to be raising money for some charity or other. They doing some good while learning empathy for others. But what if there’s a hidden religious motivation? Should religious groups be able to spread their faith with financial assistance from kids in state schools? There are other non-religious charities to support!

waking up christian turned atheist

An Interview with Jared Brandon – Once Christian, now turned Atheist

October 2, 2016 Dave 0

This is an interview with Jared Brandon, author of the website Waking Up – Once Christian, now turned Atheist. Jared was raised in a strongly Christian family but through his own research into religion, decided to turn away from religious beliefs and declare himself an Atheist to his family and friends.