Bombay School Listen to Teachers & Parents: Stop Bible Classes

February 7, 2019 Dave 2

Bombay School is one of the most recent to remove religious instruction classes from their classrooms. It is really encouraging to see how teachers stood up against the religious bias, lack of professional teaching and supported the principle of secular education, welcoming to all children.

Churches Education Commission Rebrands to “Life Choices” in 2019

December 14, 2018 Dave 0

The Churches Education Commission is on the defensive and is rebranding to Life Choices. They have a new CEO and new initiatives planned for 2019. Will media attention on their actions hold them in check even while legislation allows them to get away with so much? Will the court case enable change to legislation that goes far enough?

red beach school ends religious instruction

Red Beach School Closes Door On Religious Instruction

November 29, 2018 Dave 1

Red Beach School have finally agreed to end religious instruction after more than 8 years of complaints against their “values classes”, which included defending a high court case costing them tens of thousands in legal fees to defend their bias for Christian religious evangelism.

Cool Bananas

Cool Bananas Youthwork Trust [REVIEW]

November 15, 2018 Dave 0

Cool Bananas is a Tauranga-based Christian organisation that promotes a number of “values” programmes in the form of religious instruction, holiday programmes, event and camps. They even have their own YouTube TV channel “where values and entertainment got hitched”! So is it just good fun for kids or a funnel into religious faith?

religious instruction bible class child abuse

How Often Are Religious Instruction Classes Abusive?

September 17, 2018 Dave 2

Many people think that religious instruction classes are just nice old people from the church teaching kids how to be good people but that is fundamentally wrong. Bible classes exist specifically to promote Christian religious faith. How often does it go wrong?