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How Often Are Religious Instruction Classes Abusive?

September 17, 2018 Dave 0

Many people think that religious instruction classes are just nice old people from the church teaching kids how to be good people but that is fundamentally wrong. Bible classes exist specifically to promote Christian religious faith. How often does it go wrong?

bible in schools excuses

20 Bible in Schools Excuses Debunked

August 31, 2018 Dave 2

Tired of hearing the same excuses for Bible in Schools over and over again? Here’s a list of the most common excuses for religious instruction in secular schools – debunked.

Why Should Religious Instruction Go? A Letter To Boards Of Trustees

August 21, 2018 Dave 0

If you want to petition the board of trustees at your school for changes to religious instruction, this letter from Tanya Jacob of the Secular Education Network would be a good place to start. School boards often don’t understand the issue and are reluctant to make changes that will create complaints without support from parents.