Democrats for Social Credit Party Policy on Religious Instruction in NZ Primary Schools

The Democrats for Social Credit party are one of the smallest left-leaning parties

I asked all the main political parties what their policies were on religious instruction in NZ State Primary Schools. You can find link to the other party policies here. Read on to find out what the Conservative Party thinks about this issue. Here’s the questions I asked them…

I would like to know what your party’s policy is regarding religious instruction in state primary schools.

Currently, religious instruction (teaching religious faith) is allowed to be taught in primary schools for up to 20 hours per year under sections 77-80 of the Education Act 1964. During this time, the school is “closed” and children who opt out are required to stop curriculum learning.

Non-Christian families are forced to declare their lack of affiliation with Christian religion and opt-out or go along with their children being taught religious beliefs that they don’t agree with so that their children “fit in”.

This is religious discrimination and needs to be stopped. What will your party do about it?

Stephnie de Ruyter, the NZDSC party leader responded…

Date: Wed, Jul 19, 2017
From: Stephnie de Ruyter
To: Dave Smyth

Good afternoon, Dave

The NZ Democrats for Social Credit Party doesn’t have any specific policy relating to religious instruction in schools, but we are committed to opposing discrimination of any sort and we strongly support the right of individuals to choose so on that basis I doubt very much that religious instruction within a secular education system would be acceptable to our members. In this day and age it seems draconian leave things the way they are.

Kind regards,
Stephnie de Ruyter

There you have it!

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