Ostracised by fellow school mates

religious education in primary schools

Richmond Primary had religious studies that I excluded myself from. Because of this I was ostracised by my fellow school mates as I wasn’t in the same class when they had the instruction, one so called mate called me a communist, poor kid, couldn’t have been taking notice in class.

My sister was excused from religious instruction by Dad, I found out many years later she hated Dad for that as she was taunted by fellow school friends. She was the only sibling to take to religion, my brother and I are very strong atheists, we made this decision after many years of listening to bigots and their fanciful stories, we would rather listen to the wise and educated, who number amongst the literary in our society.

Myself and my siblings were bought up in a free thinking home, Dad was president of the local Rationalist association then.

Thinking about it now, it was only at primary school that I ever came across religious instruction, not at intermediate or high, they were trying to bend our minds while we were young.

R.W. – Rangiora

When I was at primary school RI was standard. We had a couple of opt outs and everyone thought they were a little bit weird. It didn’t come to anyone saying anything or picking on them outright but there was always a mild underlying feeling of them being different. I think just because there might not be detectable (or even concious) discrimination it still has an effect.

M. S. (Facebook)

Rotokauri School has this its horrible. Opt out and if you miss the form your child comes home talking about who is and isn’t going to heaven and how Jesus is their friend.

MC (Facebook)

My experience with our children was opting out meant ostracisation. The bible teachers in question were rather ignorant and small minded people whom played emotional games. I did not want our kids going near them.

AJS (Facebook)

Yeah I’m not a fan of it, ever since my nephew was told he was bad because our people murdered Jesus

YM (Facebook)

Have you or your children been ostracised because of religious division at school? You can email me your story here.

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