christian views on religious instruction

Christian Views on Religious Instruction Classes

September 27, 2016 Dave 0

There’s an assumption that all Christians support Religious Instruction programmes in state schools. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m going to use this page to collect comments from Christians who oppose the classes. Please feel free to send me your own submission!

religious education in primary schools

Surprised by religious influence in state primary schools

August 3, 2016 Dave 0

Tina sent me her story about how surprised she was to find out that there was religious instruction in the school that her children will attend when they are old enough. I felt exactly the same when my daughter started at school and it highlights how little awareness there is about religious pressure in state schools.

religious education in primary schools

Lunchtime preaching despite parent’s wishes

May 13, 2016 Dave 0

Schools often seem to give bible teachers far too much freedom within the school. This story is one example where the parent made it absolutely clear that they did not want their child to have any contact with the religious faith teaching going on but they were let down badly.

religious education in primary schools

Religious Instruction classes affect people into adulthood

April 27, 2016 Dave 0

There’s a common response from pro-religious instruction people that the classes “never did me any harm” or “what harm do they do?”. Aside from being a very self-centred view that because they don’t think they do any harm, therefore no harm is done, it’s simply not true.

muslim child affected by religious instruction

A Muslim child’s experience of RI in school

April 26, 2016 Dave 0

I think that children from other religions (Islam in this case) often have it a lot harder than kids that simply opt-out without an apparent reason. I am certainly concerned that the stand I have taken against these classes will impact my daughter. If it does, I will certainly be knocking on some doors.

boy who wants to opt out religious education class

Opt-out kids treated badly

April 26, 2016 Dave 0

This story shows how religious bias from school staff can affect kids quite badly. In this case, staff at a small school were also promoting religious beliefs and mistreating children in private as well as in front of the class.

religious education in primary schools

Ostracised by fellow school mates

April 26, 2016 Dave 0

This is a too-common example of what segregating children based on religious beliefs does. It creates an us-and-them mentality with the kids being taught faith ending up with a sense of superiority.